Work From Home Tips - Part 2


On Monday I shared the first of three blog posts I put together on the fly with tips for initial set-up of your home-office that you may have had to move to through a mandatory work-from-home order, which many business are - understandably - enforcing at this time.


A Few More Basic Tips On Working From Home

Today we’re continuing with a few things to think about now that some of the essentials are out of the way.

Work-From-Home Tips After Your Initial Home Office Setup:

  1. With your coworkers, establish regular check-ins and assign someone to take notes during virtual meetings – or record them – and share with all attendees afterwards. Practices like this will help to keep everyone on the same page, even as you work away from each other.
  2. On a more personal note, make sure you have a supportive chair at home where you can sit for hours at a time, if necessary.
  3. If your new home office has a less than ideal cellular connection, U.S. carriers offer Wi-Fi calling and, according to the Wall Street Journal's Senior Personal Tech Columnist Joanna Stern’s own experience, call quality is generally high over Wi-Fi. If you have a question or a suggestion for Joanna, she has invited you to email her at
  4. Check out Good Housekeeping's post on this subject for even more ideas.

Check back on Friday for a few more quick tips that may give you some things to think about during your temporary work-from-home situation. Hopefully they can help you to make this time as productive and pleasant as possible.

Again, if you have any specific questions that I could help answer, please reach out – if I can help, I will!

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