Work From Home Tips - Part 3


It's Friday! And, boy, it's been a long week. On Monday I posted tips for quickly setting up a home-office, followed by a post on Wednesday with some advice for secondary things that may make your mandatory work-from-home status a little easier. Today, I'm sharing a few ideas on ways to make this period of time as pleasant and productive as possible.


Additional Advice to Use As You Work From Home

Work-From-Home Practices to Establish Some Good, Healthy Habits:

  1. Being around people in an office setting can make working from home feel very lonely. While COVID-19 calls for social distancing, a great way to establish some connection is to get out for a walk or a run, either before or right after work, or on your lunch break, giving you the opportunity to wave and smile at a neighbor while getting some fresh air and a change of environment. Staying inside? Invite someone to join you for an online game and change of pace during your lunch break.
  2. Speaking of lunch breaks, take them. It’s so easy to abandon normal routines in times of unusual circumstances like these, but normalcy is comforting and good for you! It’s an excellent idea to write down a schedule – including breaks – post it somewhere you can see it, and then stick to it as much as you can.
  3. Make to-do lists. Virtually or handwritten. Being able to check things off will help you stay focused. If working outside your office makes it really hard to be productive, there are several good productivity podcasts that may help.
  4. Here are even more ideas that have helped other remote works make the transition successful, fun, and productive. 

There’s so much good information available on this subject, and everyone has ideas, opinions, and practices that work for them. If there’s a topic on this subject that I haven’t covered which you’d like me to, please email me. If I can share any further advice or personal experiences that might help in any way, I’d love to. And feel free to share any tips you've found to be working well with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and our Facebook page. 

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