Reap the Benefits of Working Smarter, Not Harder


The idea of working “smarter” rather than harder is not a new one—in fact, it has become so entrenched in our consumer-focused culture that virtually every new gadget on the market comes complete with its own promise of saving the buyer time and effort.


Opportunities to optimize our most valuable commodities pop up everywhere, even in everyday life. Even with something as simple as preparing a meal. From planning and shopping, to meal prep and preserving, all the tasks associated with feeding a family (or yourself) can add up to a lengthy set of manual processes. At every stage you could tap into ways to save yourself time and energy. For example, at the prep stage, online meal kits and delivery services can make shorter, smarter work of assembling the necessary ingredients. Outsourcing your shopping list to an Instacart shopper brings your ready-to-prep ingredients directly to your door while you finish up other chores or invest in some much-needed “me time.”

Even if you prefer to cook from scratch, using a multitasker like a food processor can cut down on your chopping and prep time significantly. Plus, food processors allow you to automate and simplify many different kinds of meal prep. With all its various attachments for grating, shredding, and chopping, this tool is designed to save time by removing as much manual effort as possible.

ch1-thumbnailIn the world of contact center operations, this is one of the true advantages of using a platform like Cyara to automate many of the time-consuming manual tasks associated with testing and monitoring your customer experience (CX) solutions. In our upcoming eBook, Building a Better Customer Experience: True Stories from the Front Lines of Continuous CX Improvement, we’ll be taking a chapter-by-chapter look at the various ways many leading organizations have achieved measurable benefits by implementing automated testing and monitoring as part of their comprehensive approach to optimizing customer experiences. Get a sneak peek at the first chapter, Work Smarter, Not Harder, available for download now.

Some of the most compelling results businesses have seen with automation include:

  • The Cyara Platform helped fully automate one global banking customer’s CI/CD process and eliminate over 70% of their IVR regression testing
  • One organization discovered that they were able to conduct full testing phases with only a few individuals rather than an entire team
  • Another company shortened their release cycles from 8 weeks down to just 2-3 weeks

Automation-driven efficiencies like these can directly impact an organization’s bottom line, in more ways than one. Consider that companies who use Cyara to set up automated test cases to verify the functionality of their IVR paths are not only benefitting from the testing efficiency and time saved in development. They are also freeing up time for team members to devote to higher value projects and initiatives. And, automation helps lower the risk of costly mistakes introduced through human error. (Read more about these outcomes in the eBook!)

As customers’ expectations for exceptional service and experiences increase, improvements in usability, functionality, and reliability in a product or service designed to save time or produce better results are no longer guarantees of brand loyalty. The newest all-chopping, all-dicing food processor may warrant a one-time purchase, but only the company who delivers it early, with exceptional features, through a pleasant purchasing experience, and without any additional effort required from the consumer, will earn a customer for life.

Similarly, businesses that empower their teams to work smarter a by providing them with solutions that automate time-consuming, manual, and repetitive tasks also enable them to reap the benefits of being able to devote more time and attention to achieving those exceptional, loyalty-building customer experiences.

To read the real-world stories of the businesses that inspired this post, don't miss the special early-release chapter of our eBook, Chapter 1: Work Smarter, Not Harder and watch for Chapter Two of Building Better Customer Experiences to be released next week!